Tips On Selecting A Reliable And Safe Fire Escape Ladder


For every house it's important to have a fire escape ladder in case of fire. This item turns out to be very helpful in finding a reliable and safe exit from your home or business office in case of emergencies. This kind of escape ladder becomes highly appreciated by people who have got trapped in the second or even a higher floor of a building. Nowadays, a great number of homeowners overlook the importance of having a fire escape ladder. Unfortunately, many people don't see any need if having a safety escape ladder until they face an unpredictable situation connected with the house fire or criminal invasions.

Today, a fire escape ladder is more common in commercial buildings. Most of people consider installing fire escape ladders only official requirements to business buildings. These people start really realizing the importance of fire escape ladders only in case when unexpected emergencies happen and seeing at that moment that their building isn't well equipped to be able to save their lives and the lives of their coworkers and even family members.

Having no fire escape ladder at your home can become a fatal mistake of your life. It's also wrong to rely on indoor stairs for exit, as they can be simply blocked during the emergencies. Just imagine the situation when the fire starts on the stairs. As a result there's no way out except for windows. But what should be done if you live not on the first floor and it's too high to jump down? You risk not only your health but also the health of your children. So this strategy is a high risk escape and can be simply called a do or die escape strategy. So, you should be smart enough to be prudent and longsighted. Take care of your home or business office safety and install those fire escape ladders now!

However, before buying a reliable fire escape ladder it's important to consider a few important things given further. So, before purchasing fire escape ladders consider the following tips:

Length Of Fire Escape Ladder

Consider the aspect of the length of the escape ladder. Ensure that it's long enough to get to the ground in case of a fire or any other kind of emergency. This factor is easy to measure. You just need to measure the height from the window to the ground, this will be the length of your ladder. If there're many windows in your house, do this action on each window as the height can differ depending on the window's location.

Width Of Fire Escape Ladder

It's extremely important to determine the necessary width of the escape ladder is very important. You should base on the size and width of the window you're going to attach the ladder to. In order to do this correctly, it's necessary to get the window's inner width. Undoubtedly, the wider the ladder the safer and easier it will for you and your family members to escape. Never overestimate the measurement of the ladder's width as you won't be able to attach it to the window.

ASTM F2175 Fire Code Compliance

There's specially meant American Society for Testing and Materials that estimates whether your emergency escape appliance is reliable or not. So, it's highly recommended to check for an ASTM approved label before buying this or that fire escape ladder.

Use the Ladder Correctly!

Unfortunately, almost any emergency case is accompanied with panic. But the major advantage of an escape ladder is that it is very easy and quick to operate in order not to be trapped inside the dangerous house or a building. Nevertheless, in order to use the ladder correctly it's highly advised to check how the escape ladder works before purchasing it.

Always choose the most reliable escape ladder. In order to make a correct choice, read consumer reviews of the ladder you're considering, particularly if you're going to buy it online.

So, now you know the most important factors which should be considered when buying a reliable escape ladder. Try to follow them and you'll stay safe and healthy even in emergency cases!