Perfect Accelerated Christian Education through Efficient Christian Boarding Schools is Available to Anyone


The objectives set up by accelerated Christian education can be defined as follows: by taking care of spiritual, moral and physical development of adolescents the Christian Boarding Schools are making them closer to God, more sleep number bed reviews. The religion-oriented schools, such as the Christian boarding schools enrich children through perfect spiritual discipline and education, as well as the benefits of the strictest and most advanced academic program.

By application of such educational and developmental elements as a Biblical life skills curriculum, biblical guidance, church attendance, home discipleship courses the accelerated Christian Education at Christian Boarding Schools encourage in children proper devotion and develops proper habits of true Christian community living. On the other hand, the education of students is not limited to those aspects. Besides them the students are trained in many other aspects of life, such as forgiveness and leadership. The educational process includes essential real-life skills, for instance, money management and failure management, as well as knowledge related to dating, sex and marriage. Valuable moral and practical issues that are always of paramount importance - the ability to insistently adhere to truth, to establish impartial self-value and self-esteem, the ability to preserve and respect personal boundaries, to manage emotional states and moods, to obtain sufficient self-control, as well as practice in time management and exercise of due authority and many more - are included into the Accelerated Christian Education at our Christian Boarding Schools.

The ultimate goal of the Accelerated Christian Education is to give spiritual and religious guidance to the adolescences in order to teach them to make the correct and honorable choice on their life progress.

In case of learning disabilities all children are given the professional treatment by individual therapists. Our schools also employ such efficient methods as group family therapy and integrated education and treatment. Children with disabilities are taken care round-the-clock and are always under safe and qualified supervision of our educational personnel.

The students of the Accelerated Christian Education at our Christian Boarding Schools are always provided with an ample range of healthy and athletic recreational activities, which include horseback riding, sports and games.

Another important issue is Cristiana education for troubled kids and we have established specialized Christian boarding schools that take care of this issue. All children that have come into the practice of using alcohol and/or drugs, or were unfortunate enough to be members of troubled homes are taken care at those schools. Another specialized branch of Christian Boarding Schools provides Christian education and healthy up-bringing for children with eating and emotional disorders (like violence and bullying or opposition). Whatever the type of trouble that besiege an adolescent person might be - teen pregnancy or ADHD, depression, stress, learning disabilities, bipolar disorder, anxiety, obesity, and many more - the professionally trained and devoted educational and supporting personnel of our Christian Boarding Schools will help children to overcome problems their problems, and to develop positive attitude. The Christian Boarding Schools offer various kinds of family therapy, such as counseling for the entire family.

What should be especially underlined is the comfortable student-teacher ratio of 10:1 at the schools. It is rather small and in agreement for accreditation demands of pertinent organizations like the Association of Christian Schools International, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) or the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation.